Mechanism of Phase Change Material

When PCM changes state ( (solid) ⇔ water (liquid)), the amount of heat which is absorbed or released is called latent heat. PCM can keep a specified temperature by its latent heat.

ECOJOULE Latent heat is absorbed during melting

When the state changes from liquid to solid, it absorbs heat and can be maintained at 5°C ~ 30°C in low ambient.

ECOJOULE Latent heat is released during solidification

How to operate

If there is no ECOJOULE

↑ The inside temperature of the container is the same as the outside temperature.(30°C)

If there is an ECOJOULE

↑ During the phase transition, it (ECOJOULE) absorbs heat from its surroundings and keeps the temperature of the outside air at the melting point of the material.

Maintain the required temperatures within the ordinary temperature range (5 to 30°C / 41 to 86 °F).

The contents can be shown as the graph below.

Graph showing the difference with and without ECOJOULE

Physical Properties

Item Units Product Name Packing Style
EJ005T EJ020 gel pack Gel(Heat Sealed Package)
Melting Point 5.1 21.6
Item Units Product Name Packing Style
TS4 TS5 TS6 Drum
Melting Point 4.1 9 16.7
Main Constituent >97 >97 >97

※The data are supplied for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed. Please note those data are subject to change without notice due to improvement.
※Adjustable to a specific temperature in the range of 5°C to 30°C.